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With our passionate beginning two decades ago, Aristo today is Russia's leading manufacturer & supplier of aluminium profiles, hardware and furniture. With our global presence panning across over l4 countries (including Russia, Europe, China, India, USA, New Zealand, UAE etc.) and with a force of over 800 manpower for operations, we continue to steadfast our investments into full-fledged R&D centers, software development and technology so as to optimize costs. Currently, Aristo works with close to 1000 stores worldwide.


In India, we joined forces with Kelachandra business house with a legacy of over 100 years. This joint venture initiative helps us grow our presence across the country and also extend our boundaries to Srilanka and Bangladesh. Our india team is Lead by four directors and over 80 salesforce and a back-end team of over 250 to provide our customers with a seamless end-to-end Product and Service experience.

The company operates on a PAN India basis and has production and warehousing facilities with 94,000 sq ft area across the 4 major hubs; Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi with Cochin and Ahmedabad. In addition, the company also operates sales offices in all of these locations. Aristo India has their direct presence in other cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata & Pune with dedicated team leaders for respective regions to work along with our distribution chain. With our well-integrated infrastructure, design, manufacturing, distribution, project sales and installations team, we are proud to be as close to you in providing world class Waradrobing and partition solutions.


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Our Core Team

Team India


Kuru spent the better part of two decades in management consulting and IT. Office lore has it that computer and software never misbehave if its standing anywhere near them. He’s an engineer and an MBA from one of India’s top B-schools but his real passion is finding impactful ways for individuals and companies to reduce their carbon footprint.


Tom is our commercial and sourcing experts. He did his engineering in Singapore and worked in precision industries like robotics. He has extensive experience in international product sourcing with many connections in the Far East and Europe. He is responsible for many of our successful partnerships and has built Aristo as one of India’s leading interiors product brand.


Thomas has earned his reputation within the industry as an expert in any kind of woodwork & cabinetry. He has about 20 years of personal experience in residential interiors and it was his big vision on home interior that was instrumental in setting up the wardrobe division. He is our eye for good design and willingly imparts his rich experience in innovation and marketing. He’s an engineer from one of India’s leading universities.

Pavel Stepanov

Pavel Stepanov is the Director of Sales- Aristo International & India. He comes with a lot of expertise in sales and distribution business, acquired and gained from various international teams. He is our mentor on sales and also comes with a vast experience of more than 12 years in international business. He is an MBA from one of the top 3 B-school in Russia.

The other core team leads are-


Key accounts business head


Distribution business head


Head operations showrooms & display

Basil Paulose

Marketing & creative head


IT and software head


Technical & R&D

Our Mission, Vision and Goals

Our strategic goal is to become a leading manufacturing and wholesale enterprise in India, Srilanka and Bangladesh for the sale of sliding doors, interior partitions and shelf systems.