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Yes, Aristo is a Russian company, having a global presence in 14 countries across Europe, India, China, Middle East, New Zealand, and more.

  • Firstly is Aristo’s speciality of tall wardrobe doors – 9 feet Floor-to-Ceiling tall doors
  • A wide range of design options to meet many designers’ requirements
  • Panel options in glass, mirror, veneers, PU panels, and pre-laminates
  • Our global presence gives you the best quality of products
  • Installations are done only by trained Aristo personnel ensuring smooth handovers
  • Our bottom mounted doors allow installation on false ceilings
  • Yes! We specialize in providing customized design options.
  • Aristo has over 1000+ design possibilities
  • Aristo has its own native lock for most products.
  • More locks are under development to meet the demand from the Indian market

Aristo doors are an experiential product, so please visit an Aristo Zone to get a better idea.

  • We have products for various applications and for all types of spaces in a house.
  • Our website www.aristo-india.com is constantly updated with numerous applications of our products.
  • In case you need more information, do call our helpline or check with the store.

Yes you can, Aristo India has a presence in more than 10 states covering all major cities.

All Aristo products carry an warranty of 3 Years and an assurance of high quality standards. Our pan-India team ensure service calls are attended to within 3 working days.

Yes, all Aristo products are custom made for each home. We also take site measurements for each product to ensure accuracy before production.

  • Note that our products are meant for indoor use with interior products and cannot be used for outdoor applications.
  • Our technical team will help you and your customers to get unusual sizes or designs.