Showroom Programme

Experience Love at First Slide near you

our showrooms are our windows to stay close to our customers. We strongly believe in giving the best product experience to our customers near them. So we take pride in our showrooms and create an ambience that will make the fall in love with the wardrobes at the first slide itself. Across the country you will see us in 3 formats of showrooms; Lounge, Studio & Express.

Aristo Lounge 900 Sq Ft

  • Best Display space
  • Premium/Designer look & feel for the space
  • All product application and option will be made available to Customers
  • Will have multiple sit down discussion space
  • Better ROI

Aristo Studio 400 Sq Ft

  • Optimum display space
  • Premium/Designer 00k & feel for the space
  • With have at least I seated discussion space
  • Better ROI

Aristo Express 200 Sq Ft

  • Compact display space
  • Limited Option
  • Only stand-up discussion
  • Easy to implement in existing store


This aspect reflects into the space through physical manifestation. You can use the company logo as a centerpiece in lavish spaces. This will have an instant and memorable impact on the customers and they’ll definitely think about it again after leaving. Moreover, you can use the official graphics and color scheme of the brand to add extra oomph to the design.

  • Elevator Branding
  • Standee Branding

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